New ASME Requirement: You Must Have a Qualified Rigger

The updated ASME B30.5 included a new section on Rigger Qualifications

Just released ASME requirement for Rigger Qualification

If you use a mobile crane, at least one member of each of your rigging teams should be designated as qualified. This is what you need to know:

  1. Trained

    Each rigger on your team must be trained to do the job they'll be performing.
  2. Written Exam

    To become a 'qualified' rigger, your personnel must take a written exam to assess their knowledge.
  3. Practical Exam

    Each 'qualified' rigger must also take a hands-on evaluation.
  4. 4 Components

    The exams must include all 4 of these ASME-specified components:
    • Selection, use and inspection of rigging equipment
    • Application of standard hitches
    • Estimations of load weight, center of gravity, angle and load movement
    • Applicable inspection and operating practices
  5. Designated

    You, the employer, must make the final designation of 'qualified' and should document this.

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Rigger Qualification Flyer

CICB Senior Instructor & Technical Advisor, Larry Kime

ASME B30.5 has been updated to include the requirement for a qualified rigger on any jobsite in any industry where a mobile crane is used.

See here for more information on the difference between rigger certifications and rigger qualifications.

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